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Southern Striders

Southern Striders is a running and fitness group that meets every Saturday morning at Thie Rosien at 9.15am.  We have two volunteer fitness instructors who take out up to 27 runners/walkers of mixed ages and abilities; from real beginners to quite accomplished runners.

We get back at around 10.45 do some stretching and have a chat over tea and coffee. There is an age range of 10 to 71.  Most of the members are people who never thought they would run and probably would never do so were it not that the emphasis is on social rather than competing.  We have created a really friendly and supportive group and some have got so into it that they are now entering various events around the island.  Keeping fit can be hard but when you are part of a group it can also be great fun!

We also run a Chair Based Exercise class so that we are catering for the whole community.  Lesley Christian, a trained fitness instructor takes us through a fantastic routine at 11am for an hour.  We have a really varied group from 19 to 92 and Lesley's training enables her to tailor the exercises to the person! You would be amazed what a difference this exercise routine can have on your general health and well being:

  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Helps your mobility
  • Strengthens the joints

It is great fun, we use weights and bands, we have a bit of a laugh and Lesley's choice of music seems to fill us with energy.

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