Southern Community Initiative

Unlocking the potential in our community

Information Hub

Department of Education & Children

  • Policy and development of education
  • Youth and community services
  • Support of vulnerable children due to disability, learning difficulties etc

Ken Callister - Youth services

Sally Brookes - Children’s Services

Fostering First

  • Supporting foster carers
  • Recruiting, training and matching foster carers

Fiona Lassen, Manager




Isle of Man Children's Centre

  • Children’s Homes on behalf of Social Services
  • Family Centres x 4 ( N,S E & W)
  • Mobex – play and adventure

John Knight, Chief Executive Officer

Jo Thomas, Operations and Social Work Manager

Tel: 676076 


Mothers Union

  • Support to the families of prisoners and mothers identified as being in need by health visitors.
  • “Away from it all” breaks for families.

Caroline Salmon, Development Officer

Tel: 361680 (mob)  

Parenting Network

  • Programme of advice, training and support projects to promote good parenting.

c/o Isle of Man Children's Centre

Tel: 676076


  • Relationship Counselling
  • Support to couples , partnership guidance

St Christopher's Fellowship

  • Children’s Homes on behalf of Social Services
  • Secure Care Home for children at risk /young offenders

Anne Seed, Island Operations Manager

Women's Aid

  • Refuge providing shelter and support for women and their children who are the victims of domestic abuse.
Helpline: 677900

Youth Justice Team

  • Preventative and diversionary activities
  • Development of alternatives to custody for young offenders

Inspector Phil Drowley, Coordinator

Mark Kelly, (CEO Home Affairs ) Chair Steering Board