Southern Community Initiative

Unlocking the potential in our community

What is the Information Hub?

A one stop shop for information about our southern community, whether you are looking for information on hobbies, clubs, voluntary organisations, sports clubs, healthcare or social care.  

We also carry information on private businesses and individuals that are registered and known to us and we can recommend for your health or social care needs.

  • Arts and Crafts – photography, art, crafts, knitting, singing, musical, dancing activities
  • Sport – football, rugby, tennis, squash, hockey, netball, badminton, golf, walking, cycling, running, gyms, swimming
  • Health and Fitness – armchair exercises, personal trainers, dog walking, community gardening, Men in Sheds
  • Health Care Services – dentistry, doctors, community nurses, audiology, podiatry, physiotherapy, health visitors
  • Social Services – occupational therapy, children services, older peoples services, social workers, 
  • Family – mums and tots, dads and tots, schools, after school clubs, parks, play groups, nurseries etc
  • Charities and Voluntary organisations - friendship, getting about, health support, children and young people and families, advice and support
  • Churches and Faith Groups
  • Commissioners – who they are, what they do, how to contact them etc
  • Local MHK’s – who are they, what do they do, how to contact them
  • Transport - taxis, bus services, train schedule
  • Links to Gov - Government departments

Opening Times:  Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays 9.30am- 5pm

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