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The Future of Integrated Health & Social Care

Southern Community Initiative
As a continuum of the meetings we held in the south during Feb 2017 where we invited your views for the future of Integrated Health & Social Care, Southern Community Initiatives are now seeking to feed back to you the outcomes. 

We heard what you said, your ideas, your concerns and we have condensed it to this non-exhaustive list:

  • Isolation and loneliness – how do we recognize and tackle it within our communities
  • Community transport system that reaches out to the parts other transport misses
  • One stop shop for Sign posting and local information – finding the right services and activities that meet our needs
  • Sharing appropriate information so we can plan our community services effectively and in a cost effective way including within voluntary and community groups
  • Appropriate housing for all aspects of our community, young and elderly.

During the course of this last year we have spoken to voluntary organisations, charities and local funders and have had extensive conversations with statutory bodies and other potential strategic partners.  These were very positive and demonstrated to us that there is a lot of scope for us all to work together for our future. It has taken longer than anticipated to reach this point but it has been important to explore all avenues so we had something positive to present to you for discussion.  

We have organized a series of public meetings in the south where you are invited to input your ideas to explore how we move on to the next stage and identify the most important areas. We have selected 4 venues week commencing 26th February as we would like to get a broad spectrum of residents and your input. 

Port St Mary Town Hall, Tuesday 27th February, 2pm – 4pm

The Hub, Thie Rosien, Port Erin, Tuesday 27th February, 7pm - 9pm 

Castletown Civic Hall, Wednesday 28th February, 7pm – 9pm

Ballasalla School, Thursday 1st March, 7pm – 9pm

Please could you circulate this information to your colleagues and encourage them to attend.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Download poster 


Janet Bridle 

SCI/Hub Coordinator

838180, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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